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Frame Tents
Frame tents provide a versatility and utility unmatched by other tent styles. There are no center poles to obstruct your vision or layout. Frame tents are freestanding with minimal ropes, allowing them to be placed against other structures. Our 30' and 40' Keder style frame tents uses a channel in the rafter poles to slide the tent top through, providing a tighter fitting top and better wind resistance. Sidewalls are available at an additional cost. Stakes will be used to secure the tent unless otherwise specified. Concrete blocks can be used if staking is prohibited for an additional fee.
40'x160' Frame Keder Tent
40'x140' Frame Keder Tent
40'x120' Frame Keder Tent

40'x100' Frame Keder Tent

40'x80' Frame Keder Tent

40'x60' Frame Keder Tent
40'x40' Frame Keder Tent
40'x30' High Peak Keder Tent
30'x135' Frame Tent
30'x120' Frame Tent
30'x120' High Peak Tent
30'x105' Frame Tent

30'x90' Frame Tent

30'x90' High Peak Keder

30'x75' Frame Tent
30'x60' Frame Tent

30'x60' High Peak Keder

30'x45' Frame Tent

30'x30' Frame Tent

20'x100' Frame Tent
20'x90' Frame Tent
20'x80' Frame Tent
20'x70' Frame Tent
20'x60' Frame Tent

20'x50' Frame Tent

20'x40' Frame Tent

20'x30' Frame Tent

20'x20' Frame Tent

10'x20' High Peak Tent

10'x10' Frame Tent

10'x10' High Peak Tent

20 x 20 Grey High Peak Skylight

20'x20' HIGH PEAK

20'x40' HIGH PEAK


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